HERMANN KOBLER is the founder’s beloved and late grandfather. Hermann’s continuous aspiration to reach excellence through hard work has inspired the founder of HK Watches throughout his whole life. Hermann’s personal values were perfectly in line with the brand’s philosophy: perfectionism, accuracy, uniqueness, elegancy, individualism, curiosity, aesthetics, and high quality on every level. Hermann was not only passionate about art and music but also enjoyed sailing, as well as traveling. Be it a Swiss mountaineer resort of St. Moritz or the lovely French Riviera, Hermann always fell completely under the magic of travel. During the later years of his life, he very much enjoyed many hours on his beloved sailing boat Onde (French for wave) on the mesmerising and tranquil Lake of Lucerne. The spirit of traveling, adventure, friendship, as well as unforgettable long-term memories can be found in the spirit of every HK Watch. Therefore, we believe we captured the spirit of Hermann, his passion, and style with our product. In that sense we hope HERMANN KOBLER would be honoured and proud of what we accomplished.


The elegant and timeless design of HERMANN KOBLER Watches is in accordance with the credo that the high-quality standards shall be portrayed in its design. The design with its simple lines therefore stands as a homage to some of the great classic designs of the Swiss watch industry. To ensure elegance and timelessness, it is essential that the design is defined through simple clear lines with a modern but elegant touch. This allows that the heart of attention remains the interchangeable face. To stand true to our motto of individualisation and customisation, we adjusted the case colour range reaching from modern silver, over classic rose gold to sporty titanium. The elegant case design alongside the variation of strap options and the unique mechanism enables the HK Watch to accompany you to every event. Despite the high number of products offered on the watch market, we believe that there is still room for an individual watch which reflects the design elements and appearance of a luxury Swiss Made timepiece. To respond to the customer’s needs, the HERMANN KOBLER watch intends to bridge the gap.
HERMANN KOBLER’s continuous strive for perfectionism is reflected in every single watch. Resulting, every watch is created under the highest level of care and strictest standards to ensure that you can share the feeling of pride we feel for each single HK timepiece. The intention is to design and fabricate a product of timeless elegance as well as high quality for people who value quality and individualism – such as you do. The appearance of the first collection, NAUTIC TIMER 01, is 5.36 mm in thickness and fits perfectly your wrist thanks to the bended construction of the horns. The case diameter is optionally available in 40.5mm and 36mm (soon available). In order to create an outstanding timepiece, it was essential that the heart of the watch is produced in Switzerland. The same counts for the assemblage and the last control of the watch which is done in the Southern part of Switzerland to ensure excellent quality and precision, for which HK Watches stand for. The interchangeable face and straps allow you to match the watch according to the attended event, fashion trends or just your daily mood.



Many of the customers the founder advised during his time as a Sales Assistant in a Lucerne based jewellery store, were overwhelmed by the sheer number of offered timepieces. Often, they would find themselves stuck between different models as they preferred a specific face of one watch but desired the case or the watch strap of another one. Furthermore, the high price tag remained an obstacle when purchasing their dream watch. The struggle of the customers reminded the founder of times in which his grandfather also experienced similar issues and wished for a watch where certain features were exchangeable. This brought the HK founder to a so far unsolved problem. Firstly, the statement of quality as well as the design appearance of the offered watches was not in line with his standards. Secondly, there was a remaining lack of customisation and respond to customer’s needs. This inspired him to create a product that would fulfil the increasing demand for customisation. For this, a watch needed to be developed that would incorporate the ability to customise the watch in accordance with one’s individual wishes and could be varied to match different occasions. This was achieved by firstly allowing the customer not only to exchange the watch strap but secondly also to enable the watch owner to exchange the entire face (Time Capsula) in accordance to the specific occasion the watch is planned to be worn for. The Time Capsula bares a unique mechanism constructed by the founder in collaboration with a in Lucerne based professional watchmaker. The construction time for inventing the mechanism took over two years and is exceptional to the watch industry. The HK Watch opens up a new way of customisation and an easy way to adjust one’s time piece for each occasion and fashion trend. In other words, there is no limitation and countless variations of how you can customise your very personal watch. True to the motto DesignYourTime.