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About us

Flurina Kobler


Favourite HK-Combination: Lugano White │ Rose Gold Case │ Orange Leather Strap

Alain T. Kobler


Favourite HK-Combination: Luzern Black │ Rose Gold Case │ Red or Cognac Leather Strap

Jennifer pullen

Customer Experience Manager & Legal Councel

Favourite HK-Combination: Lugano Green│ Rose Gold Case │ Dark Green Leather Strap

Yixin Louis Chen

Managing Director of China & Marketing Expert

Favourite HK-Combination: Lausanne Blue │ Rose Gold Case │ Royal Blue Leather Strap

what we stand for

<French: knowledge of life or knowing how to live “elegantly”

Savoir vivre is French and is defined as living a good life with the ability of staying elegant, well mannered, smart, and meeting every situation with poise (observance of the usage of fashionable society).


<Italian: a life of indolence and self-indulgence or a life of heedless pleasure and luxury (short: sweet life)

Dolce Vita defines and characterises the lives of the aristocracy and the new bourgeoise by luxury and mundane events taking place in lavishing and iconic palaces. An expression used to describe a life full of beauty and pleasures. In short, the things making life worth living.


<French: in fashion or fashionable

En Vogue is a common practice to refer to something fashionable as “en vogue” or “in vogue” (meaning in the current fashion or style). It describes something that is currently popular, the social standard and fashionable (trendy, chic, hot, happening, neat, decent, epic).


<English: having wide international sophistication or showing an interest in different cultures, ideas…

The word cosmopolitan (citizen of the world) generally composes of persons, constituents, or elements from all or many parts of the world. It has been used to describe a wide variety of important views in moral and socio-political philosophy.


<English: design your way of live according to your unique wishes or to live every minute to its fullest (short: enjoy yourself)

What would embody the core values better than focusing on the USP of HK WATCHES? DesignYourTime combines the old tradition of Swiss watchmaking with modern innovation focusing on customisation and individualisation. Allowing HERMANN KOBLER WATCHES a unique way of differentiating them from its main competitors. Phrased differently, elegant and sophisticated yet still with a young and fun touch to it. All of those aspect can be perfectly summed-up with
DesignYourTime, as this slogan allows in a lively manner to be interpreted and defined by each individuum differently.


It is all about Living HK, meaning live the lifestyle associated with the HK brand. The variety of definitions of DesignYourTime is what should be reflected in the HK-Lifestyle. The HK can be put in all situations matching whatever you consider to be DesigningYourTime.

The underlying notion connecting it all is enjoying every moment to its fullest by appreciating every second of it and doing what you love with whom you love. 

In other words, explore in Style – being on the move, explore the world, socialising, friends, dinners, having a good time – in line with the attitudes of Savoire Vivre, En Vogue, and Dolce Vita.




My Name is Hermann.