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Our Story

A small introduction

Despite having multiple devices showing the accurate time, wearing a wristwatch is still en vogue.
It is status symbol, it reflects a lifestyle, it is for women and men alike an exclusive accessory.
Watch customisation is a way of assembling something genuinely unique, a distinguished
reflection of its wearer giving indications on who you are as an individual.
With a gentle push of your fingertips a HK timepiece reveals to be as extravagant or discreet,
as colourful or subtle as it suits your wishes. In essence, there remains no limitation only
countless possible combinations true to our motto #DesignYourTime. A watch is a very personal
item which goes far beyond the aspect of simply telling the time. It is a companion,
a piece of art, a piece of history and heritage, as well as the fundamental base for many lovely stories
and memories through time. The philosophy and concept behind HK Watches ensures to be truly unique –
which further should be noticed and reflected upon the consumer. #DesignYourTime – It’s fun, it’s unique, it’s an HK.


Start of the journey by founding the Swiss watch brand Hermann Kobler Watches

2018 Our Beginnings

2018 hk modular system is born

To ensure the high level of customisation a modular system was introduced

The first functioning prototype was developed – hurray it worked?!

2019 1st ever Hk watch

2020 production start

Over a period of 1 year the producers were selected and production started

Introduction of our first collection with over 29,092 possible combinations

2021 launch of our 1st collection

2022 our 1st artist Collab

First of many limited editions in collaboration with an artist – we had given the honour to do our first ever edition with street-artist Dela




My Name is Hermann.