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Mediter-ranean flair

Lugano is a city in Southern Switzerland in the Italian-speaking Cantone of Ticino bordering Italy. It is the largest city of both Ticino, with a population of about 65,000. Due to its proximity to Italy, the city is characterised by an Italian-Swiss vibe. If you believe it or not the shores of Lugano are populated since the Stone Age.

Mediter-ranean flair

Situated along Lake Lugano, the city and the municipality encompasses a large region on both sides of the lake and is surrounded by mountains known as the Lugano Prealps. Not least due to the proximity to Italy, its Swiss-Mediterranean mix of culture and architecture is closely linked to that of the Northern region of Lombardy (Italy).

Let's revolut-ionise time,

What about a watch that is as customisable as a smartwatch but without all the technological fuss?
Yes, you heard that right.

With a simple push of your fingertips, you can change the look. Indeed, maybe not the way you expected, but bear with us. We believe in going back to simplicity or in other words less technology and more tradition.
Just a minute and an hour hand, that is all you need to tell the time, right?
See, as simple as that. Let’s leave the 2018 message notifications on your phone and enjoy the time you have. So, that is a Win.

Let's challenge the status quo,

Do you also think the market is full of plain vanilla watches?

So did we?!
A new style is needed. But don’t worry we have your back. Colourful straps, dials, and cases allow you to create a fresh, classy, bold look or whatever you want it to be. Experiment till your drip will be iconic!

Let's Design Your Time.

Bored of wearing the same watch every day?
We gotcha.

One word: Customisation
A watch designed by you for you.
Customisation is the perfect way to create your high-key unique watch. A reflection of who you are. And the best thing is, you can exchange the three components (Case, Time Capsula, and Strap) not only every day, but as easy as posting a video on TikTok – a simple push with your fingertips. It’s the most customisable watch on the market – periodt.

You don’t believe us? Then give it a try and see yourself.

Ready to start designing?
Then let’s go to the configurator.
It’s like magic. You throw in some stainless steel to create a sleek case, some complicated watch parts making up the Time Capsula, and some leather, steel, or nylon for the strap.

And voila, your HK is done. You just designed your time. It’s fun, it’s unique, it’s an HK.


What do we mean by that, you may ask yourself?
Fair enough, very good question.

Well, in case you can’t get enough or need an extra thrill, why not add another component to your collection? As you probably have already seen, our boxes have some extra space allowing to add some extra parts, so you can enjoy the full HK experience.

Maybe start with an additional case because you can, or add a Time Capsula to give it a new look, or how about a strap to make it pop?

Your choice!
All we say at this point is to start #DesignYourTime?!







My Name is Hermann.