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Upgrade Your strap

Quartz Watch I SWISS MADE 🇨🇭

ø 40.50 mm I Stainless Steel




Upgrade your time

Bring your HK Watch to the next level?!
By adding additional single pieces, your watch collection grows exponentially.
No, we are not kidding?! Think about it, with owning all our 39 pieces you can design >29,092 possible watch combinations.

It works like magic! It’s fun, it’s unique, it’s an …


A new strap to make it unique.

Leather – All our genuine leather straps are equipped with the “quick release” mechanism. Allowing you to interchange the genuine leather strap within second. Explore our waste variety of different colours and embossments. All our straps are optionally available in a neutral plain look or with an alligator structure.

NATO – Despite its comeback in recent years, the origin of the NATO strap dates back to 1973. Where soldiers of the British marine acquired such nylon webbed watch bands. Its fresh and colourful appearance, make the NATO strap the perfect companion and choice for the summer. Resulting they are available in a wide range of different colours and patterns.

Milanese – Finally, there is the option of a classic Milanese metal strap. Its unique pattern and lightness allow the strap to comfortable encase your wrist. To match the case option the strap is available in silver, rose-gold, and titanium coating. While you easily can adjust the length by yourself, the “quick release” mechanism allows a swift change to any other strap.

Explore and configure your truthfully unique Strap.

Let’s revolutionise time, let’s challenge the status quo, let’s design a Strap/Bracelet.

Watch customisation is the perfect way to create something that is truly unique. A watch made especially for you. A reflection of who you are as a person. In essence DesignYourTime.

With our first collection the Nautic timer 01 we at Hermann Kobler Watches do exactly so. We strive to offer you a highly customised watch. A watch configurated by you for you. Due to the modular system, the timepieces are made up of three individual components. Namely the Case, Time Capsula, and Strap.

These timepieces are characterised by their unique and timeless aesthetic. Nowhere is this reflected as well as in the refined elegance of the watch case. The timeless, elegant yet modern 40.50-millimetre case is available with a variety of finishing. Reaching from rose-gold, to silver, to a sporty titanium coating.

Next up is our so-called Time Capsula. Consisting of a Swiss Made Ronda quartz movement, the dial, hands, and crown. With only a gentle push of your fingertips any Time Capsula is insertable into or releasable from its case. Allowing you to create a completely unique and novel timepiece. Design your HK as extravagant, or discreet, as loud, or as subtle, as you would like.

See what happens when you experiment with different dial combinations, colours, and indexes. Design your Nautic Timer 01 as individual as you by spicing things up and challenging the status quo. Assemble the individual components till you find your truthfully unique Hermann Kobler Watch. Just over 1’100 colour and material combinations can be created in an instant. Anyone can create the right model for their needs, whims, and taste. It’s fun, it’s unique, it’s an HK.

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Black Leather, Black-Grey-Black NATO, Blue-White-Blue NATO, Blue-White-Red NATO, Cognac Leather, Dark Brown Leather, Dark Green Leather, Framboise Leather, Green Leather, Grey Leather, Light Blue Leather, Metallic Gold Leather, Orange Leather, Pink Leather, Purple Leather, Red Leather, Red-White-Red NATO, Rose Gold Milanese, Royal Blue Leather, Silver Milanese, Titanium Milanese, Yellow Leather


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