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Leather Band

Every HK watch is equipped with a “quick release” interchangeable genuine leather strap. The watch straps are available in many different colours depending on the season, the occasion or simply your mood. The straps are optionally available in a neutral plain look or with an alligator embossing structure.



The roots of the NATO-strap can be found in the British marine in 1973, where soldiers could acquire a nylon webbed watch band. In recent years, the NATO-strap celebrates a comeback due to its unique timeless and colourful appearance. The nylon wristbands are available in range of different colours and patterns and easy exchangeable, to allow with each bracelet the creation of a new sporty and fresh effect.


Mesh Metal Band

The mesh metal band made from stainless steel forms itself – due to its unique pattern and lightness – comfortably around your wrist. It is available in the three HK ground colours, namely PVD silver, PVD rose gold, as well as PVD titanium. The length can be easily adjusted by yourself. Equally simple is the exchange of the band as it is equipped with an “quick release” interchangeable mechanism.


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