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Who is Hermann

the story of hermann

To give you the short answer, HERMANN KOBLER is the beloved and late grandfather of HK founders Flurina and Alain.

His sheer aspiration, enduring spirit, values, philosophy, passion, and way of life inspired us and became the brand’s philosophy. Being a
spirited adventurer, passionate sailor, a gentleman of complete integrity, and bon vivant, Hermann’s virtues of perfectionism, accuracy, uniqueness, elegancy, individualism, curiosity, aesthetics, and strive for excellence translate into the eponymic maison Hermann Kobler Watches is today.

Named as an homage to him, the brand as well as every timepiece is a personification of his life and his enduring spirit – emphasising the essence of our brand with our slogan #DesignYourTime

Lausanne -
Olympic Capital

The hk principle
Or how it all began, namely with an idea

Numerous customers Alain advised during his part-time job, found themselves being indecisive between different models.
While a specific dial was preferred, the case of an alternative timepiece was favoured. This problem brought forward multiple issues which have not been solved with a satisfying outcome. 

Firstly, the statement of quality alongside the design appearance of equally priced watches was not in line with Flurina’s and Alain’s personal specifications.

Secondly, there was a remaining lack of customisation and respond to customer’s needs.

The idea of the interchangeable Hermann Kobler Watch was born.

Watch customisation is a way of assembling something genuinely unique, a distinguished reflection of its wearer giving indications on who you are as an individual. With a gentle push of your fingertips a HK timepiece reveals to be as extravagant or discreet, as colourful or subtle as it suits your wishes. In essence, there remains no limitation only countless possible combinations true to our motto #DesignYourTime.


Lausanne -
Olympic Capital


Hermann Kobler was an old school gentleman, in essence he kept track of time with his golden Omega pocket watch. The distinguished and simple lines of this engineering masterpiece constitute the very essence of elegance the HK Watch design reflects. It was imperative for Flurina and Alain to manufacture a genuinely elegant yet modern and distinguished timepiece.

It is elegant, timeless, unique, striking, thin, and perfectly round. A testimony to the Swiss tradition of watch craftsmanship, celebrating precision and accuracy. The simple case contour allows the heart of attention to be the interchangeable dial, characterised by its Lucerne blue hands and number eight.

Standing true to our motto of challenging the status quo, the stainless-steel case is available with a variety of finishing, including silver, rose gold, and titanium coatings. To round off the elegant yet refreshing design, you can combine it seamlessly with a variety of colourful leather straps, NATO straps, or beautifully crafted Milanese metal straps.

With its ingenious approach, the HK Watch enables you to create your very unique timepiece by encouraging creativity and imagination. 

It’s fun, it’s unique, it’s an HK.

Lausanne -
Olympic Capital


Hermann’s favourite and lucky number was the figure 8.

This comes as the number eight, if tilt by 90 degrees, converts into an infinity sign “∞”.

As infinity stands for eternity, it appears to be harmonising well by all means with the philosophy HK Watches  depicts. Countenancing you with its unique interchangeable mechanism to disassemble and reassemble an HK timepiece to essentially limitless possible combinations.

Lausanne -
Olympic Capital

attention to detail - Sailing Boat and coordi-nates

In the course of Hermann’s last years, he enjoyed most of his time sailing on his beloved boat Onde (French for wave).

Sailing was for him not just a leisure time activity but much more stood as a symbol for the spirit of traveling, adventure, friendship, unforgettable memories, and savoir vivre. To capture and replicate this spirit each case back has figuratively a sailing boat engraved with the coordinates of the Yacht Club Luzern (47°3’0.14”N; 8°18’32.15”E) of which Hermann was a proud member of.

Lausanne -
Olympic Capital




My Name is Hermann.