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The legacy of Hermann Unveiled

Hermann Kobler’s pursuit of perfection, devotion to elegance, and quest for uniqueness inspire us at maison Hermann Kobler Watches. Each timepiece is a tribute to his life. Our slogan, #DesignYourTime, reflects our commitment to infuse passion and excellence into every watch, honouring Hermann’s legacy.

In the cherished memory of HERMANN our brand finds its heart and soul. His remarkable life and enduring spirit have become the very essence of our philosophy.

Hermann, a spirited adventurer, a passionate sailor, and a true gentleman of integrity, left an indelible mark on us.

His pursuit of perfection, devotion to elegance, and quest for uniqueness continue to inspire us today.

At maison Hermann Kobler Watches, we pay homage to his legacy. Each timepiece we create embodies his essence—a tribute to his life and spirit. Our slogan, #DesignYourTime, reflects our commitment to infuse every watch with the passion and excellence that defined Hermann’s life.

Craft Uniqueness with Our Configurator

From an idea to the HK-Principle

Are you tired of compromising when choosing a timepiece? Alain, during his part-time job, saw countless customers struggling to decide between different watch models. Some loved a specific dial but preferred the case of another. This led to two major issues.

First, watches in the same price range often lacked the quality and design customers desired. Second,  customization options were limited, leaving customers’ needs unmet. Out of this frustration, the idea of the interchangeable Hermann Kobler Watch was born.

Our watches allow you to create something truly unique, a reflection of your individuality. With a simple touch, a HK timepiece can be as extravagant or subtle, as colorful or discreet as you desire. There are no limits, only endless possibilities, all captured in our motto: #DesignYourTime.


In the tapestry of Hermann Kobler’s life, the number eight held a sacred place, a cherished symbol of luck and favour. A twist of fate reveals that when you tilt this very digit by 90 degrees, it magically morphs into the timeless emblem of infinity, the ““.

Infinity perfectly matches the core philosophy of HK Watches. Then our timepieces embody this essence of limitless potential, due to our  interchangeable mechanism. This innovation empowers you to assemble, disassemble, and reassemble your HK watch into boundless combinations.

The No. 8 stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of Hermann, a tribute to his unwavering love for the number eight. Each watch extends an open invitation to explore an infinite tapestry of style and design.

With HK Watches, your timepiece transcends the ordinary, becoming a conduit for limitless self-expression—a timeless fusion of masterful craftsmanship and boundless creativity.

Timeless Elegance with Our Modular System - HK-Principle

Enter the realm of elegance with our distinguished modular system.

Elevate your timepiece to match your every mood and occasion.

Crafted with precision, our cases, time capsules, and straps seamlessly unite to create your unique signature.

Timeless sophistication, tailored by you, with Hermann Kobler Watches. #DesignYourTime

the idea behind our usp

about our modular system

Discover a world of limitless options (>29,092), all within your reach. With a simple push of your fingertips, our watch adjusts to match your individual taste. Embrace infinite self-expression with each change.

We believe in the power of fashion as a form of self-expression and are committed to providing a platform that makes style accessible, sustainable, and adaptable.
​Create watches reflecting your style with our modular system. Beyond accessories, they tell your unique story, merging personal expression and Swiss craftsmanship. Welcome to a world where fashion meets individuality—discover watches that are more than accessories, they’re a testament to your personal style.

Through our innovative modular system, we offer customisable Swiss watches that seamlessly blend design, quality, and sustainability. Our modular approach allows for continuous adaptation to the latest trends, ensuring you to stay ahead of the curve.
Join us in revolutionising the status quo of the traditionally Swiss watch industry by including and redefining fashion trends and unlocking the limitless possibilities of personalised timepieces – It’s fun, it’s unique, it’s an HK.


Hermann Kobler, the epitome of an old-school gentleman, cherished his golden Omega pocket watch. Its simple yet distinguished design was the embodiment of timeless elegance—an essence we’ve embraced in every HK Watch.

Our timepiece is elegance redefined: a harmonious blend of classic sophistication and modern distinction. It’s sleek, thin, and perfectly round, a tribute to the Swiss tradition of precision craftsmanship. The uncluttered case design ensures that the spotlight shines on the interchangeable dial, graced with Lucerne blue hands and the symbolic number eight.

At HK, we challenge the norm. Our stainless-steel case offers a range of finishes, from silver to rose gold and titanium coatings, allowing you to personalize your watch. And to complete the elegant yet refreshing look, choose from a palette of colourful leather straps, NATO straps, or exquisitely crafted Milanese metal bands.

With the HK Watch, we invite you to unleash your creativity and imagination. Craft your unique timepiece—it’s not just a watch; it’s an expression of your style, a touch of fun, and the embodiment of uniqueness.

It’s not just a timepiece, it’s an emotion, it’s an HK.


In the twilight of Hermann’s life, solace found him on the waves of his beloved vessel, Onde—French for “wave.” Sailing wasn’t a pastime for Hermann; it embodied existence—a symbol of exploration, camaraderie, and living with flair.

In tribute, each HK Watch case back features a figurative sailing boat, bearing the coordinates of Yacht Club Luzern (47°3’0.14”N; 8°18’32.15”E)—Hermann’s cherished haven. With every glance at your HK timepiece, you embark on a voyage, reliving daring adventures, carrying Hermann’s spirit.

Sail with us; let your watch symbolise boundless exploration—a timeless link between elegance and the spirit of the sea.


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My Name is Hermann.