Art Unveiled: HK Watches Collaborative Canvases

Step into a realm where time becomes a canvas for unique artists. Hermann Kobler Watches Limited Editions are born from a harmonious collaboration, where precision meets creativity. Each timepiece is a masterpiece, a unique fusion of Swiss craftsmanship and artistic expression. Immerse yourself in the exclusive world where our watches transcend functionality to become wearable art, a testament to the synergy between horology and global creativity.

1st Edition - DELA

Dive into the world of Urban Fine Art with DELA (Denis Laszczok), a German artist born in 1980. Infused with the dynamic influence of Graffiti, DELA expertly navigates various artistic media, including spray paint, oil, acrylic, markers, pastels, and chalk, bringing forth a vibrant and captivating artistic expression.

What is special about Dela´s Art?

It was a magical experience for me, because after discussing our ideas HK left me total creative freedom and I could focus on the Arts.


My artistic intention is to show what we cannot see and explain. With my Art I want to make people happy and express my inner child. The emotions on people’s faces when they see and feel my art is what drives me.


Taking the basic ideas and creating a product which is a perfect combination between the arts of watch manufacturing and street art.

What was the thread of thought with HK?

The thought process was mainly around combining the two brands and their unique styles. For example the infinite eight (dial) with a spray painted hourglass on top.  Another thought was all around creating a customized experience. This is why every strap, box and cardboard wrap is different. 

What is special about Dela´s Art?

Combining different Arts like street art, fine art and pop art with each other and using different media is special in my opinion. To me it is a constant process of progression, where I develop myself and the art I am creating.


It is the beginning of 2023 and I have the following goals for 2023. 

Edition two with HKobler Watches.

I want to paint 4 bigger murals worldwide within the next 12 months

I will have 6 Artshows/ Exhibitions this Year, for which I am creating a new series (body of work)

What was the DIFFICULTY?

The major difficulty was spraying on the first box and strap. They are so beautiful and high quality that it took me a while to overcome that and start freely creating. 

interview PART II

About the artist - Part II

How did you overcome these difficulties?

I overcame it by forcing myself to get started with the first box and straps. I remembered the fantastic quote –> The most effective way to do it is to do it. 

When I saw the first results, I got into a creative flow and lost myself in the process.


Lausanne White │ Silver Case │ Orange Leather Strap

Herewith I want to thank HK for this amazing experience and opportunity. I grew personally and developed new skills and creative procedures which will accompany me my whole life.

Cheers, DELA

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My Name is Hermann.