General Instructions


Position 1: Watch is running (normal position)

Position 2: Setting the time (watch stopped)

Step 1: Pull the crown out to Position 2 (watch stops)

Step 2: Turn crown clockwise to set the desired time

Step 3: Push the crown back to Position 1

Step 4: The watch is all set

IMPORTANT: After every operation, the crown must be pushed to position 1


To do this, you must hold the head of the watch (face down) in one hand while the bottom of the strap is facing you in the other hand.

Step 1: To remove your bracelet/strap, pull the pin to the side and remove the bracelet/strap from the fasteners

Step 2: To attach your bracelet/strap, align the pins with the holes in the pins and click the bracelet to place it


Step 1: Lift the locking part with the strap tool (a small screwdriver is sufficient)

Step 2: Slide the buckle along the strap to adjust the size. The back strap has cavities for different buckle options

Step 3: When the correct size is set, push the locking piece down


Number 1: Outer watch case with exchangeable strap

Number 2: Inner case (Time Capsula) with the face and hands

IMPORTANT: Make sure when you exchange the Time Capsula that you push gently and without any force as well as do it above a table or some sort. This comes as the Time Capsula shall not fall from a high distance to the ground as this may cause damage to your movement, glass, or the Time Capsula in general.


Step 1: Push gently with both of your thumbs on the glass of the Time Capsula

Step 2: The Time Capsula will easily drop out by itself (CAUTION!)

Step 3: Chose the Time Capsula of choice

Step 4: Push gently from below with both your thumbs the chosen Time Capsula into the outer case

IMPORTANT: Be aware that the slot in the outer case must be aligned with the crown of the Time Capsula

Step 5: Now you are ready to wear your HERMANN KOBLER Watch!