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Your HK Watch User Guide

Welcome to the world of modular sophistication with our exceptional timepieces. Discover the art of personalisation as you navigate through the user guide for our modular watches. Seamlessly blend style and innovation, exploring the endless combinations that reflect your unique identity. Unveil the essence of our craftsmanship and unleash your creativity with a watch that adapts to your every moment. Welcome to a journey of limitless possibilities—your time, your design.

exchange the
time capsula

Step 1: Push gently with your fingers on the glass of the Time Capsula

Step 2: The Time Capsula will drop out

Step 3: Chose the Time Capsula of choice

Step 4: Push gently from below with your fingers the chosen Time Capsula into the outer case

IMPORTANT: Align the slot of the outer case  with the crown of the Time Capsula

Step 5: Now you are ready


Position 1: Watch is running (normal position)

Position 2: Setting the time (watch stopped)

Step 1: Pull the crown out to Position 2 (watch stops)

Step 2: Turn crown clockwise to set desired time

Step 3: Push the crown back to Position 1

Step 4: The watch is all set

IMPORTANT: After every operation, the crown must be pushed to position 1


To do this, you must hold the head of the watch (face down) in one hand while the bottom of the strap is facing you in the other hand.

Step 1: To remove your strap, pull the pin to the side and remove the strap from the fasteners

Step 2: To attach your strap, align the pins with the holes in the pins and click the strap to place it

Metal Strap

Step 1: Lift the locking part with the strap tool (a small screwdriver is sufficient)

Step 2: Slide the buckle along the strap to adjust the size. The back strap has cavities for different buckle options

Step 3: When the correct size is set, push the locking piece down


Space for up to four additional Time Capsulas (layer can be removed)

Space for the 2 Year International Warranty Card, cleaning cloth as well as additional watch cases, watch straps, and/or further Time Capsulas

Watch pillow for one HERMANN KOBLER WATCH

the idea behind our usp

about our modular system

Discover a world of limitless options (>29,092), all within your reach. With a simple push of your fingertips, our watch adjusts to match your individual taste. Embrace infinite self-expression with each change.

We believe in the power of fashion as a form of self-expression and are committed to providing a platform that makes style accessible, sustainable, and adaptable.
Create watches reflecting your style with our modular system. Beyond accessories, they tell your unique story, merging personal expression and Swiss craftsmanship. Welcome to a world where fashion meets individuality—discover watches that are more than accessories, they’re a testament to your personal style.

Through our innovative modular system, we offer customisable Swiss watches that seamlessly blend design, quality, and sustainability. Our modular approach allows for continuous adaptation to the latest trends, ensuring you to stay ahead of the curve.
Join us in revolutionising the status quo of the traditionally Swiss watch industry by including and redefining fashion trends and unlocking the limitless possibilities of personalised timepieces – It’s fun, it’s unique, it’s an HK.

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