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Whether you need a gift for your customers to celebrate joint successes, welcome newcomers to your company or simply want to create a unforgettable Christmas or Chinese New Year gift that  your employees will truthfully love, we are here to create lasting solutions respectively a product tailor-made in accordance to your needs and wishes. #DesignedWithLove

personalised HK-watches

Our HK Watches are a must-have for every wrist. Watch customisation is a way of assembling something genuinely unique, a distinguished reflection of its wearer giving indications on who you are as an individual. With a gentle push of your fingertips a HK timepiece reveals to be as extravagant or discreet, as colourful or subtle as it suits the wearers wishes. 

Our HERMANN KOBLER WATCHES are a attractive present that might be worth having a look at. All of our watches can be personalised. Not only on a case, dial, and strap colour base, but additionally our timepieces can be refined with your own logo or slogan engraved on the case back of the Time Capsula. You can choose the position, size, and type of branding. All to create the perfect present tailored to your company.

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