Own Your Name

Design Your Time, Name Your Legacy:
The "Own Your Name" Program

Tired of generic watches? Want a timepiece that reflects your unique personality?

Dive into the “Own Your Name” program, where you don’t just design your dream watch – you become its official name giver, designer, and influencer!

Here's how you unlock your watchmaking and influencing superpowers:

1. Design Your Masterpiece

Unleash your inner designer with our interactive configurator. Explore a vast selection of straps, cases, dials, and hands to create a watch that truly speaks to you.

2. Own Your Creation

Become the official namer! After crafting your masterpiece, simply submit your chosen name through the form below the configurator. Our team will check for availability, ensuring your creation has a name as unique as it is stylish.

3. Level Up & Share the Love

Once your name is approved, you'll receive a special "Own Your Name" code. Sharing this code with friends and family unlocks unique benefits for both of you - Friends using your code get an exclusive 8% discount on their own watch purchase.

4. You Earn Points & Rewards

Every user of your code earns you points toward incredible rewards! Share your creation and code on social media using our hashtags (#OwnYourName, #DesignYourTime) to accumulate even more points. Let the world see your masterpiece and inspire others!

The Points System: Your Gamified Path to Watchmaking Greatness!

Think of points as your watchmaking “experience points.” Every action within the program contributes to your point total, unlocking exciting rewards as you climb the ladder.

Every Hero Needs a Sidekick (Points per Purchase): Each purchase made using your unique code earns you points. The more watches are bought with your code, the faster your points pile up.

Spread the Word, Earn Rewards!

Every time a someone uses your unique code to purchase a Hermann Kobler Watch, you’ll score 10 points towards incredible rewards. But the fun doesn’t stop there! Encourage your followers to Upgrade Their Time with an additional new case, strap, or time capsule using your code, and you’ll earn an extra 5 points for each add-on purchase.

Stay in the loop: Each month, you’ll receive a handy email update summarising your current point balance and progress. And as soon as you reach a new reward tier, we’ll personally contact you to ensure you claim the price you deserve!

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Unveiling the Reward Tiers

Get ready to level up your watchmaking journey and claim these enticing rewards:

Style Master – Unleash your inner stylist! Choose a free strap to personalise your watch and truly make it your own.

Timepiece Guardian – Every hero needs protection! Upgrade your storage with a complimentary watch case.

Memory Keeper – Unlock a Time Capsule to store a cherished memento alongside your named watch. Capture a special moment in time!

The Complete Experience – Congratulations, watch aficionado! You’ve earned a free, complete watch – a replica of your named design to wear with pride.

Co-Create the Future – Ready to become a legend? Partner with our design team to create a truly unique, limited-edition watch offered exclusively through our website – with YOUR name and design prominently featured! Be a designer and part of watchmaking history!

Brand Partner – This is where watchmaking royalty resides! Earn a staggering 8% commission on the entire revenue generated by sales of your co-designed watch! Become a watchmaking influencer and reap the rewards of your genius.

Legal with a Smile:

We understand the importance of your creation. That’s why we grant you ownership rights to your named watch design for a period of three years. This allows you to promote your creation and enjoy the benefits of being an influencer in the watchmaking world.

Join the “Own Your Name” program today! It’s more than crafting a watch; it’s about unleashing your creativity, becoming an influencer, and leaving your mark on the world of timekeeping.

"OWN YOUR NAME": Exploring the Names of Existing Combinations

Combination Name Case Time Capsula Strap
The Frog
Rose Gold
Lugano Green
Dark Green Leather
The Dracula
Rose Gold
Luzern Black
Red Leather

Ready to embark on this exciting journey? Head over to our configurator and start designing your legacy!

P.S. Follow us on social media and use our hashtags (#OwnYourName, #DesignYourTime) for inspiration and to connect with other watchmaking enthusiasts!
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