Building a Sustainable Future: Our Commitment to Eco-Friendly Practices

we care about sustainability

Sustainability on various levels is worthwhile in many respects. Not only does this statement strengthen the brand itself, but furthermore also reassures our conscience and that of the target consumer. In short, this means that the aspect of sustainability will be increasingly addressed in the future and taken into account more strongly in the choice of raw materials (e.g., vegan leather straps) and component producers (keep the distance between the suppliers as short as possible). This comes as the aspect of sustainability has so far not been addressed sufficiently in the watch industry as a whole or only in the very high-end watchmaking.

Sustainability is not a luxury but a necessity

We at HERMANN KOBLER WATCHES want to take that topic seriously as sustainability shall not be a luxury. We want to combined sustainability with aesthetic design and luxury appearance for a reasonable price (affordable luxury).

the time for this section has not come yet -stay tuned as big things will be announced soon

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